Productions policy

Productions policy

Under current legislation on the content of chemicals substances our products are assimilated to leather processing and as such regulated.
The main reference is the Dir. 76/769 EEC introduction of dangerous substances on the market, which annex has been introduced in Reg. 1907/06 REACh as annex XVII.

The restricted substances for furs, are the following:

pH-value3,5 – 8,0ISO 4045
Cromo (VI)18540-29-9<3mg/kgISO 17075
Azocolorantivari<20mg/kgISO 17234-1 e 2
Pentadorofenolo87 – 86 – 5<5mg/kgISO 17070
Tetraclorophenol (TeCP)

Amount of isoners

935 – 95 – 5

58 – 90 – 2

<5mg/kgISO 17070
Formaldehyde50 – 00 – 0<150mg/kg< 50mg/kgISO 17226-1

The REACh Regulation also foresees a series of obligations for the use of SVHC substances in concentrations higher than 0.1%. In particular, the wish to specify the following :

– if any substances used in the manufacturing of our articles in excess of 0.1% w / w  are included in the list of SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), it will be communicated according to Art.33 of REACh (obligation for the producer of items of the user to declare the presence of SVCH substances in articles, if contained in amounts exceeding 0.1%).
– SVCH lists contain austere substances regulated in directives anterior to REACh, which prescriptions we respect since the date of entry into force of the same.

– substances already subject to legal restrictions before the entry into force of REACh (i.e .:azo dyesi, chromo VI, formaldehyde, nonylpherol, ect.) retain all of their limitations when by the Company provides to check with its suppliers of chemical products .

Fur articles producers are not competence of to register chemicals substances and their use thereof.